Lake 513

Trek Details:
Altitude Between: 2,800 / 4,472 m.
Duration: 1 Day / 13 km
Depth: 84 m
Difficulty: Demanding Medium
Activity: Nature / Adventure
Season: All Year
Group departure frequency: All weekends
Day 1 Carhuaz (2,800 m) / Shonquil / Laguna 513 (4,472 m) / Carhuaz
Departure (8:00 am) Departure with our transport to the east side of Carhuaz in the direction of the Cordillera Blanca, passing through the town of Hualcan on the way we will observe different agricultural fields, domestic animals of the communities and the viewpoint to the snow-capped Huascaran, then we will continue to the shonquil cover (15 KM / 1:20 hours) from this place we will start walking on an almost flat path at the beginning and then start climbing in ziczac next to the chucchun river until we reach the rajupaquinan lagoon, and we will continue climbing until to reach lagoon 513 that is at the foot of the snowy hualcan (6,350 m), (6.5 km / 4 hours) after a break, eat and take pictures we will return along the same path to our transport and then to Carhuaz.
(7 hours of walking and 2:30 hours. Transportation)
What includes?
# 01 Trekking Day (Shared Service)
# Trekking Guide
# Tourist transport
# Personalized assistance
What does not include?
# Personal travel luggage
# Food (Take snack)
# Entrance tickets
# Tips (Driver, Guide)
# Travel insurance
What do i need to bring?
Bring clothes for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bath clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking shoes, camera, small backpack, front (flashlight)

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