Bolivia Info

Bolivia info

How to get to Bolivia?

By Air
In order to enter the country by air, Bolivia has three international airports located in its three most prominent cities: Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz.
La Paz has the El Alto International Airport for its domestic, international flights and cargo transportation, however, many of the incoming and outgoing international flights use the Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz, due to the high altitude and relative difficult access through the peaks of the Andes.
The airlines that are used mostly are AEROSUR and Boliviana de Aviação (BoA), as it has flights to national and international destinations.

By Land
La Paz is connected by road with the city of Oruro, where you can access the cities of Sucre, Potosí and the south of the country. There is an important new road that connects Oruro with the cities of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.
It is also possible to access on a paved road to the City of Copacabana and Tiwanaku to the west, near Lake Titicaca, continuing to the city of Cuzco, passing through the border city of Desaguadero.
On the other hand. There are also roads north to reach the Yungas, La Paz that cross the Andes Mountains.

By Bus
In order to access by bus, La Paz has the Terrestrial Bus Terminal,
This terminal has daily departures to the main cities of the country.
There are also departures to other cities in countries such as Chile and Peru. For departures to smaller cities and towns within the department, informal stations located in Villa Fatima, San Pedro and near the General Cemetery are used.

By Train
It is possible to access Bolivia by train only from countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, since its train system focuses on trips between the valleys and the highlands.
Bolivia has two railroads: The Western Network, in charge of linking the west of the country with Peru and Argentina; and the Oriental Network, which connects Bolivia with Brazil reaching Argentina.
Possible tours: from Arequipa in Peru through Guaqui and arriving at La paz. From Arica in Chile through Charaña and arriving in La Paz.
From Calama, also in Chile, through Ollagüe and Uyuni, then Oruro and finally La Paz. And from Villazón, on the Argentine border, through Tupiza, Uyuni, Oruro and finally arriving in La Paz.
Andean Railroad Company

By Sea
This type of transport is used more in the Amazon area of ​​Bolivia, due to the numerous sites that would be really impossible to access due to its geography.
Lake Titikaka can be navigated by boats; Its most important navigation routes from Peru are: Guaqui, Tiquina and Ciudad de Copacabana; Guaqui; Tiquina and Puno; and Huata jata, City of Copacabana and Juli

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