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COMPANY INFORMATION Company Name: TOURISM EXPLORING PERU E.I.R.L. Trade Name: Exploring Peru RUC: 20533818987 Phone Cell phone: +51 998831355 Email:, Website: Main Office: Caserío Conay s/n District Santa Cruz – Caraz Ancash Peru Bank account: On behalf of: Tourism Exploring Peru E.I.R.L Account Current in Soles: N° 260-4092578-0-31 CCI: 002-26000409257803180 SWIFT code : BCPLPEPL Credit Bank of Peru – Agency Huaraz Ancash Personal Account: In the name of: Víctor Alberto Sáenz Hueza Account Savings in Dollars: N° 375-93716065-1-47 CCI: 002-37519371606514749 SWIFT code : BCPLPEPL Credit Bank of Peru – Agency Huaraz Ancash RESERVATIONS AND CONFIRMATIONS Reservation Requests must always be made in writing and sent to our office by email, 30 days in advance, especially in groups, due to the company’s work policy. The following information is important: * Full names as they appear on the passport or DNI (adult and/or child) * Number of people, pick up from the airport, bus terminal, other points * Indicate the date, time of departure, arrival and return, requested hotel * Passport / DNI number, nationality, age, language * Additional services SEASONS: High Season: May, June, July and August (Holy Week, long holidays, Andinism and National Holidays) October, November and December (School Promotion) In high seasons, reservations cannot be accepted with less than 48 hours in advance for individuals, for groups with a minimum of 7 days before, due to the company’s work policy. Low season: The period not included in the high season, in low seasons reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance. All reservations are considered preventive until the prepayment of (50%) of the service is made, which confirms the reservation. TOUR DRIVERS In land services, Tourism Exploring Peru will grant a free tour of 15 paying passengers, except in the cases of lodging where each hotel has its own T.C. which will be duly informed in case of reservations. PRICES Our prices are competitive, including administration and operating costs, are valid for one year, include 18% VAT, and are subject to change without prior notice due to the current situation in the country. For private groups (2 pax. min.) and children under 12 years old, special discounts can be granted. PAYMENTS * In groups, 100% 30 days before the arrival of the passengers. * In independent passengers 100% 15 days before the arrival of the passengers. * The final invoice will be issued at the time the transfer arrives or at the latest with the arrival of the group and/or passengers. This will be sent by mail, according to the client’s request. INSURANCE Turismo Exploring Peru recommends that all passengers have accident and/or travel insurance and, if possible, evacuation insurance. We do not provide an accident or travel insurance policy and it is not included in our costs. If a passenger or member of a group gets sick or has a mishap, we will transfer them to a nearest clinic for proper care. In case of accidents or when an evacuation is necessary, we organize all the rescue and evacuation logistics; In both cases the expenses are borne by the client or his insurance. We recommend companies and Tour Operators to verify if the passengers you send come with travel insurance. RESPONSIBILITIES / IMPORTANT Turismo Exploring Perú reserves the right to modify or withdraw any part of the planned itinerary for a Client in the interest of protecting and/or improving client service. Luggage is transported and moved at the risk of the owner throughout the trip. The process of “visa”, Passport or permission to enter the country must be managed by the passenger in his country of residence. Turismo Exploring Peru acts only as an agent under the legal conditions that while exercising all possible precautions may be canceled due to weather conditions, natural phenomena, disturbances, damages, losses, delays or any other irregularity that may be caused by willful or negligent acts or omissions. by companies or individuals, providing or hiring the provision of transportation services, Hotel or other services related to the fulfillment of the itineraries or routes. No refund will be given for these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control. No Show Any passenger who does not show up for a scheduled and reserved service, without prior cancellation and acceptance, will be considered a NO SHOW, and 100% of the fare will be charged without the right to refunds.
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