Fixed Departures Climbing Peru 2023

Dear Mountaineers:
Welcome to our fixed climbing programs peru 2023, The group is made up of people of different nationalities and ages; You will have the opportunity to meet, share your friendship, language and culture, these activities are carried out with a minimum of (04 people) and a maximum of (08 people) on the scheduled dates.
Our excursions begin and end in: Huaraz, Arequipa, Cusco, Lima, etc. add additional days for National and International flights, bus trips from Lima and the most important acclimatization days in each place.
We are flexible with program dates; You can write us for more detailed information of services and programs, we also design your special trip for you.

Prices per person in dollars:

Private Service (Exclusive) 1 to 3 people From US$ 999.99

Economic Service (Group) 4 to 8 people From US$ 199.99


# To validate your reservation, you must deposit 30% of the total price, and 70% of the payment when you arrive in Peru or Huaraz.
# If you are planning to do some climbing it is advisable to make a reservation at least 1 month in advance, due to the high demand of people for these routes.
# 10% applicable discounts Book

Dates of fixed departures in group season 2023


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
80 peopleMateoavailable contact
130 peopleHuarapascaavailable contact
19 a 200 peopleVallunarajuavailable contact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
34 peopleMateoavailablecontact
175 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact
16 a 176 peopleVallunarajuavailablecontact
174 peopleMateoavailablecontact
246 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
15 peopleMateoavailablecontact
156 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact
14 a 155 peopleChachani (Arequipa)availablecontact
21 a 226 peoplePiscoavailablecontact
28 a 295 peopleMisti (Arequipa)availablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
5 a 76 peopleIshincaavailablecontact
12 a 145 peoplePiscoavailablecontact
16 a 176 peopleMisti (Arequipa)availablecontact
18 a 246 peopleAlpamayoavailablecontact
20 a 245 peopleIshinca + Tocllarajuavailablecontact
22 a 264 peopleChopicalquiavailablecontact
22 a 296 peopleHuascaran suravailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
4 a 65 peoplePiscoavailablecontact
8 a 145 peopleAlpamayoavailablecontact
10 a 116 peopleChachani (Arequipa)availablecontact
12 a 185 peopleAlpamayoavailablecontact
14 a 184 peopleIshinca + Tocllarajuavailablecontact
18 a 245 peopleHuascaran suravailablecontact
20 a 226 peoplePiscoavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
6 a 86 peopleIshincaavailablecontact
12 a 145 peoplePiscoavailablecontact
16 a 176 peopleChachani (Arequipa)availablecontact
14 a 175 peopleTocllarajuavailablecontact
16 a 206 peopleIshinca + Tocllarajuavailablecontact
214 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact
22 a 236 peopleVallunarajuavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
45 peopleMateoavailablecontact
115 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact
17 a 186 peopleVallunarajuavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
26 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact
94 peopleMateoavailablecontact
14 a 166 peoplePiscoavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
66 peopleMateoavailablecontact
136 peopleHuarapascaavailablecontact


DatesPeople (6 Max.)ProgramGuaranteedBooking
46 peopleMateoavailablecontact
116 peopleMateoavailablecontact

What includes?
# Mountain Guide (UIAGM) (1 Guide x 3 People)
# Cook (1), Porters (2), Donkey Driver (1)
# Private tourist transport to the approach start point
# Food during the expedition (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Breakfast: Tea, coffee, milk, serials, bread, cheese, butter, jam, cake, fruit salad, etc.
Snack: Fresh fruit, chocolate, biscuit, frugues and candies.
Lunch: Vegetable salad, pasta, tuna, huancaína potato, chicken chili pepper, chicken spatter, ham.
Tea Time: Coffee, infusions, cookies, fried huantan, popcorn, etc.
Dinner: variety of soups, quinoa, chaufa rice, rolled chicken, fried trout, pasta, sauteed loin.
# Optional vegetarian food
# Last day (typical food of the Pachamanca Andes)
# Camping equipment (sleeping tent 2 people, dining tent, kitchen and bathroom tent)
# Logistic Kitchen Equipment (kitchen utensils, pots, plates, cutlery, chairs, tables, gas)
# Hot water in the morning to wash your hands and face every day
# Boiled water for your bottle every day
# Donkeys for the transport of luggage and food (10 Kilos per person for the donkey)
# Emergency Horse (1) in case of evacuation
# First aid kit
# Communication radio
# Personalized assistance
What does not include?
# Personal clothing for high mountains
# High mountain personal technical equipment (boots, ice axes, crampons, harness, helmet, etc.)
# Extra food and drinks in the cities
# Entrance tickets (National Park)
# Travel / Accident Insurance
# Sleeping bag
# Tips (driver, guide, cook, porter, carrier)
What do i need to bring?
# Wear appropriate clothing for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bathing clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking boots, camera, waterproof jacket, water bottle, sleeping bag, small backpack, front (flashlight-light)
# Luggage (10 Kilos per person) for donkeys
Why book with us?
# Best price guaranteed.- Our prices are competitive in today’s market price quality and service; If you find a better price than ours, contact us and you will get an extra discount on the quotation found.
# The tours, tour packages and the services we offer are quality, there are no additional costs surprise costs.
# Direct deal.- When negotiating directly with us forget about surprise costs, hidden commissions, without intermediaries, direct and immediate confirmation of your reservation and all the details of your trip so you have a perfect vacation.
# Modification of a reservation.- You can modify the dates and other details of your reservation through the confirmation email, or by contacting us.
# Confirmation via email / WhatsApp.- You will receive an email confirming your reservation and if you wish, we can send a message to your cell phone.
We also offer:
# Hotels before / after the trek, hotels in Huaraz and other cities of Peru
# Public and private transport bus (Cruz del Sur, Mobile Buss, Oltursa)
#packages throughout the country in private service from Lima airport (1-2 People)
#Guide services, rental and sale of mountain equipment.

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