Lima.- It is a noisy city with a mild climate, its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable, it has an extensive offer of restaurants and nightlife, as well as a wide selection of museums; the Gold Museum of Peru, which exhibits numerous objects of gold, silver and precious stones, the National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology, notable for its prehistoric pieces

Where is Lima?
Location: Central Peru
Capital: Lima City
Altitude: 154 m.a.s.l.
Population: 8,331,257
Climate: The city of Lima has an arid and semi-warm climate. The maximum annual average temperature is 21.97 ° C (71.4º F) and the minimum is 17º C (62.7º F). However, the temperature increases in the years in which the Phenomenon of the Child is presented.

How do I get to Lima?
Terrestrial Road: Interconnected by the Pan-American Highway with diverse cities of the coast of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. To the east, the Central Highway allows communication with different cities in the mountains and the central jungle.
Airway: Regular flights to the main cities of the world from Jorge Chavez International Airport (approximately 30 minutes from the city of Lima) Av. Faucett s / n, Callao.
Larcomar Tourist and Entertainment Center: boardwalk of the 610 reserve, Miraflores.
Jockey Plaza Shopping Center: Av. Javier Prado Este 4200, Santiago de Surco.
Caminos del Inca Shopping Center: Calle Monterrey 170 – Chacarilla, Santiago de Surco
El Polo Shopping Center: Av. El Polo 7401, Santiago de Surco

What activities can be done?
Huachipa Zoological Park
It houses more than two thousand animals belonging to about 300 species, including birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. They emphasize the Forest of the birds with a replica of the Peruvian tropical forests and the Interactive Farm dedicated to the children.

Ciudad De Caral: height 15 km north Pan-American, 23 km to archaeological site is a pre-Hispanic stone city with an extension of 65 ha. Where more than 32 architect sets of varying magnitude and function are appreciated with a series of medium-sized buildings and small temples

Churin Oyon: 210 km from Lima, it is an Andean town famous for its thermo-medicinal sources for lovers of the cool sports in the wayo lagoon on skirts of the Raura mountain range.

Where to sleep?
There is accommodation for all budgets, from US $ 12 per night per person other from US $ 20 to US $ 200 per night per couple, in more central locations, such as the liberating hotel, inka inn, 5 star Andean house and in general all are located in the same city. Reference prices not valid for high seasons.

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