Balneario de Máncora.- 187 km from the city of Piura (2 hours by car), at the height of km 1164 of the North Pan-American Highway, with warm waters and excellent sun, this spa is considered one of the most important in the Peruvian coast; Its perfect waves stand out for the practice of surfboard and body board.

Where is Mancora?
Location: North of Lima
Capital: Piura City
Distance: 1035 Km from Lima
Altitude: 29 m.a.s.l.
Climate: Mancora has an arid and warm climate, with no rainfall throughout the year. The maximum average temperature is 31.2 ° C (88.1º F) and the minimum 17.7 ° C (63.8º F). In the years in which the El Niño phenomenon occurs, there is rainfall, especially between the months of December and June.

How do I get to Mancora?
Terrestrial Road: Lima-Piura: 1035 km along the North Pan American Highway (12 hours by car approx.).
Airway: Regular flights from the cities of Lima (1 hour and 15 minutes.), Trujillo (40 minutes) and Chiclayo (30 minutes).
Piura Carlos Concha Iberico airport. Av. Córpac s / n
Talara Airport: Talara Alta

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