Meet Our Team
Tourism Exploring Peru has a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurial, talented and passionate professionals in what they do. Our work focus is on the prevention and solution of problems, we have a vocation for service and excellent service to our customers; We value the variety of our professional profiles in tourism, as it offers a wide range of perspectives for each new situation.

Victor Saenz Hueza
Founder and Director
Official Tourism Guide
Nathalye Skitter
Marketing – Sales
Tommy Futser
Design – Advertising
Edgar Mile
Official Mountain Guides

Our Mountain Guides trained and trained for mountaineering activities, have many years of experience and speak different languages ​​(Quechua, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German) receive first aid courses, orientation, blueprint reading, rescue and promotion In high mountains.

Official Tourism Guides

Good professionals with many years of experience, who speak several languages ​​(Quechua, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German). They are constantly trained in seminars, refresher courses, environment, first aid, rescue and high mountain diseases.


Friendly and cheerful collaborators trained in customer service, gastronomy, health and hygiene issues, offering an impressive variety of dishes typical of Peruvian regional culinary art.


Honest, humble and very strong collaborators, trained and trained in first aid, communication, cooking, high mountain rescue, height problems.

Donkey Driver

Humble collaborators of the high Andean communities, trained and trained in customer service and first aid, are in charge of transporting all the logistic camping equipment and responsible for secure and comfortable camps.


Cheerful collaborators with experience, trained in road education, first aid and fire, environment, cargo and passenger regulations and with a category A Three Professional driver’s license.