Parón Lake

Laguna paron.- Considered to be the largest lagoon in the Cordillera Blanca, it has a turquoise green freshwater and a depth of 75 m. from the viewpoint you can see the mountains as; Garcilaso pyramid, the huandoys, artesonraju, needle and caraz.
Prices per person in dollars:
 $ Economic Service (Group) (US $ 24.99 per person) (4 to 8 People)
 $ Private Service (Exclusive) (US $ 99.99) (Hilux 4 × 4 from 1 to 3 People)
Trekking details:
Altitude Between: 3,100 / 4,200 m
Duration: 1 Day
Difficulty: Easy
Season: All year
Activity: Nature and Adventure
Group Departure: Every day
Day 1 Huaraz (3,100 m) / Laguna Parón (4,200 m)
Departure 8:00 a.m. Heading north of the Callejón de Huaylas, reaching Caraz diverted to the east side of the white mountain range, passing through the towns of Huauya, Parón and we will arrive at the cover of the Parón ravine where we will pay S /. 5.00 Soles one day visit and then we will ascend with our transport to the Parón lagoon (4,200 m) we will start our walk for about 45 minutes to the viewpoint (4,400 m) from here you have a panoramic view of the lagoon and the mountains like; Garcilaso pyramid, the huandoys, artesonraju, needle, caraz. After taking many photos, enjoying the landscape and its surroundings, we will return to our transport to return to Huaraz.
(45 minutes of walking and 6 hours transportation)
What includes?
# 01 Excursion day (Shared Service)
# Official Tourism Guide
# Tourist transport
# Personalized assistance
What does not include?
# Personal luggage
# Food in cities
# Entrance to the Cruz de Mayo community S /. 5.00 Suns
# Tips (Driver, Guide)
# Travel insurance
What do i need to bring?
# Wear appropriate clothing for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bathing clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking boots, camera, waterproof jacket, water bottle, sleeping bag, small backpack, front (flashlight-light)

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