Social Responsability

Tourism Exploring Peru and our collaborators are very committed to Social Responsibility through their programs; sensitization and awareness of people, promoting responsible behavior, good environmental, cultural and social practices in order to meet the needs and aspirations of present and future generations of our communities.
Our job is to contribute to society and sustainable development and to the improvement of culture in our communities, to build a better future for our company, and our collaborators.

We call to join us and make a force to support those who have less, “Help us to help them.”
The payment you make for the services provided to this company (Horseback Riding, Tours, Trekking, Climbing, Expeditions), is part of the contributions to carry out these projects, you can also contact us and send your donations personally to the communities.
EDUCATION PROGRAM, donation of educational material, training in values, complementation and training in computer centers and libraries.

The “Sustainable Schools” program supports the education of children in vulnerable communities by improving school infrastructure.


HEALTH PROGRAM, We carry out medical campaigns, consultations and donation of clothes in the different communities.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, we aim to contribute to the development of the quality of life of our company employees and their families through recreation, integration and training activities in recycling programs with communities and the general population.

Most of our clients, visitors and collaborators are part of a social assistance program through voluntary donations for the benefit of the communities.


The Exploring Peru Tourism family every year makes visits to low-income communities to provide them; Food, shelter and many toys for all children.

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