Trekking Cedros Alpamayo

Trek Details: Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights Difficulty: Medium Activity: Nature / Adventure Season: March / October Altitude Between: 3,100 / 4,830 m. Starting Point: Conay Day 1 Huaraz (3,100 m) / Conay / Hualcayan / Calamina (3,850 m) We will leave very early and head north of the city of Huaraz by private transport to the city of Caraz visiting its typical villages of the Huaylas alley and then we will arrive at the town of Conay (3 hours) where the Arrieros and donkeys wait for us Food and materials transfer, we will start walking until we reach our Calamina camp (duration 4/5 hours approx.) Day 2 Calamina / Osoruri (4,450 m) We will leave very early and continue the trek through the Cullicocha lagoon, pressing the Santa Cruz Norte mountain, we will ascend to the pass (4,750 m) and descend to our Osoruri camp (duration 5/6 hours approx.) Day 3 Osoruri / Jancarurish Alpamayo (4,250 m) This day we will continue with our trek passing the Vientiane pass (4,750 m) then we will descend to the Alpamayo valley and then we will ascend to the base camp, passing through the beautiful lagoons, landscapes, appreciating some peaks that surround us like the jancarurish. (duration 6/7 hours approx.) Day 4 Jancarurish / Rest Day. We will climb to the viewpoint of the most beautiful mountain in the World the Alpamayo the pyramidal side, return to the camp. Day 5 Jancarurish / Huillca (4,000 m) After breakfast we prepare to ascend to the Cara Cara pass 4,830 m, then we will descend enjoying a view of the snowy Alpamayo, tayapampa and pucahirca, we will continue to our camp in Huillca (duration 6/7 hours approx.) Day 6 Huillca / Jancapampa (3,600 m) This day we will pass through the small town of Huillca and climb up to the Pucajirca pass 4,600 m. We will have a view of the snowy Pucajirca Norte, then we will descend to the Sactaycocha lagoon and then through the laurel ravine until we reach our Jancapampa camp (duration 6 hours approx.) Day 7 Jancapampa / Huecroncocha (3,950 m) We will continue through the jancapampa valley and pass through the communities to the Tupatupa pass 4,400 m, after a pleasant descent through the mountains that surround us and we will arrive at our Huecroncocha camp (duration 5/6 hours approx.) Day 8 Huecroncocha / Tuctupampa (4,200 m) We will ascend to the Alto de Pucaraju pass 4,650 m, view of the snowy Taulliraju, Artezonraju, Garcilaso Pyramid, Chacraraju. Then descend to our camp in tuctupampa (duration 5 hours approx.) Day 9 Tuctupampa / Taullipampa (4,250 m) We will ascend to the Punta Union pass 4,750 m then we will descend to our camp in Taullipampa, (duration 5/6 hours approx.) Day 10 Taullipampa / Ascent Cerro Centillo / Taullipampa This day we will ascend to Cerro Centillo from where we will have a spectacular view of the Santa Cruz Valley and the mountains, such as the Alpamayo, Quitaraju, Santa Cruz, Artezon, Taulliraju. (duration 4 hours approx.) Day 11 Taullipampa / Llamacorral (3,760) In the morning we will continue with our trek appreciating the atuncocha and ichiccocha lagoon, until we reach the llamacorral camp (duration 5 hours approx.) Day 12 Llamacorral / Cashapampa / Huaraz This day we will end our trek in the town of Cashapampa, then we will return to Huaraz with private transportation. (duration 6 hours approx.) What includes? # Trekking Guide # Cook (1), Arrieros (2) # Tourist transport to the starting point for walking # Food during the expedition (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) # Camping equipment (tent for sleeping, dining room, kitchen and bathroom) # Logistic Kitchen Equipment (kitchen utensils) # Donkeys for transporting luggage and food # Emergency Horse (1) # Entrance tickets (Huascaran National Park) # First aid kit # Communication radio # Personalized assistance What does not include? # Personal clothing for Trekking # Personal mountain technical team # Extra food and drinks in the cities # Taxes inside the Airport # Travel Insurance # Sleeping bag # Mat # Tips (driver, guide, cook, muleteer) What do I need to bring? Wear appropriate clothing for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bathing clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking shoes, camera, waterproof jacket, water bottle, sleeping bag, mat, small backpack, front (flashlight-light) Baggage of (6 Kilos per person) for donkeys.
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