Uros Floating Islands

Tour Details:
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Activity: Nature / Customs
Season: All Year
Frequency: Everyday
Altitude Between: 3,800 / 3,550 m.
Departure at 9:30 AM from the port after 30 minutes of travel, you will arrive at the floating islands of the Uros (3,820 m) inside Lake Titicaca, there are approximately 25 communities, each one is inhabited by 3-10 uroaymara families that build their houses and roofs with reed mats, we will visit 1 hour (optional the trip in the typical boats of totora) we will appreciate the crafts and the customs of the communities. Return to Puno.
What includes?
# 01 Excursion day (Shared Service)
# Official Tourism Guide
# Motor boat
# Entrance tickets
# Personalized assistance
What does not include?
# Personal travel luggage
# Extra meals in cities
# Tips (Driver, Guide)
# Travel insurance
What do i need to bring?
Bring clothes for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bath clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking shoes, camera, small backpack, front (flashlight) .
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