Uruscocha Lake

Uruscocha.- It is a lagoon located at the foot of the snowy urus surrounded by ichu and quenuales, it is green, recommended for acclimatization of people who will perform trekking and climbing activities.
Trek Details:
Altitude Between: 3,100 / 4,350 m.
Duration: 1 Day
Difficulty: Easy / Moderate
Activity: Nature / Adventure
Season: All Year
Day 1 Huaraz (3,100 m) / Pashpa (3,700 m) / Lag. Uruscocha (4,350 m) / Huaraz
Departure (7:00 am) We will start picking up your hotel with our transport and we will move to the northeast side of Huaraz towards Pashpa, where the control of the Huascaran National Park is located, we will make the payment of S /. 10.00 nuevos soles for a day’s visit, from this place we will begin to walk along a very marked path, within beautiful trees of queens and ichu meadows until we reach the lagoon, return by the same path to our transport and then to Huaraz .
(5 hours. Walk and 2 hours. Transport)
What includes?
# 01 Trekking Day (Shared Service)
# Trekking Guide
# Tourist transport
# Personalized assistance
What does not include?
# Personal travel luggage
# Extra meals in cities
# Entrance tickets
# Tips (Driver, Guide)
# Travel insurance
What do i need to bring?
Bring clothes for the day (heat) and for the night (cold), sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, bath clothes, personal hygiene kit, walking shoes, camera, small backpack, front (flashlight)

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