Why book with Us.

We are not the best in the world, but the best of adventure tourism!

# Best price guaranteed.- Our prices are competitive in today’s market price quality and service; if you find a better price than ours, contact us and you will get an extra discount on the price found; The tour and package services sold in Huaraz (98%) are not at the level of our minimum requirements (they do not pay their staff, poor quality of mountain equipment, sudden additional payments, unwanted surprises, be careful)

# Direct deal.- When negotiating directly with us, forget about surprise costs, hidden commissions, without intermediaries, direct and immediate confirmation of your reservation and all the details of your trip so you have a perfect vacation.

# Modification of a reservation.- You can modify the dates and other details of your reservation through the confirmation e-mail, or by contacting us.

# Confirmation via e-mail / WhatsApp.- You will receive an email confirming your reservation and if you wish, we can send you a message if you leave us your mobile number.

# Experience and security.- We provide personalized, efficient, serious and exclusive service for each of our clients.

# We have what you are looking for.- As operators we have specialized in adventure trips (walks walks expeditions rock and ice climbing ascents and other outdoor activities.

# Help us to help others.- The payment you make for the services provided to this company (Horseback Riding, Tours, Trekking, Climbing, Expeditions), is part of the contributions to carry out projects in rural areas, you can also contact us and send your donations personally to the communities.

We also offer:
# Hotels before / after the walk, hotels in Huaraz and other cities of Peru
# Public and private transport bus (Cruz del Sur, Mobile tours, Oltursa)
# Packages throughout the country in private service from Lima airport (1-2 People)
# Guide services, rental and sale of mountain equipment.

# Pick up from airport

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